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Empowerment by Tapping into your Subconscious ft. Cyrina Talbott

The episode deals with tapping into your subconscious mind to release blocks, obstacles, and outdated perceptions to get you to your current goals and beyond.

As a Transformational Coach, Cyrina combines the powerful tool of Rapid Transformational Therapy, with mindset coaching. Helping business owners and individuals understand how to navigate growth and obstacles.

In this episode we cover:

1. How our subconscious programming is embedded within the first 7 years of our life.

2. Changing our mindset around dealing with life challenges

3. Rapid Transformational Therapy

4. Getting alignment between the body, mind, and soul

5. The role of meditation in healing and transformation (and how we carry ourselves).

6. Not being afraid of "failure" and embracing success

Aruna Krishnan

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